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October 2011

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What we have, how we use it. (Weapon by darkfireburning)

Here's my remix fic for the remix fic thingy that was going on for a while.

My author to remix: darkfireburning. (Yay~!)

Enjoy everyone.

Rated T for language.

KuroFai, slightly off the canon-mark (it's not AU but slightly not canon either), fluff)


What we have, how we use it (Weapon)


Kurogane sighed for what seemed like the fifteenth time in the past hour. It was another day in Otto country and he felt like nothing has changed. The group wasn’t any closer to finding the feather or obtaining any useful information that could help them; be it the feather or the mysterious attacks among the public by those ‘demons’.

After the recent attack that happened at the Cat’s Eye café, the man was confronted by the young would-be archeologist who asked him to teach him how to use a sword. The demons were getting stronger and the skills that Syaoran hadn’t been much use at that point.

The ninja of course, never taught anyone the ways of the sword. Never thought that he would have to one day, regardless of what world he was stuck on (Nihon or otherwise). But seeing the determination in that boy’s eyes, he felt less hesitant. However….he needed to be sure.

“Do you need it to keep yourself alive?”

“I need it to live long enough to be able to do what I set out to do.”

That was it. That was Syaoran’s answer. And that was all the ninja needed to hear. So the next day, the pair set out to get them their swords and start to train the boy bit by bit. It was hard, but the kid wouldn’t give up; something that the warrior respected about him.

But the more the kid trained, a couple of problems started to arise. Problems that the ninja can plainly see as clear as day.

“Oi kid! Not like that!” Kurogane shouted out; finally feeling a bit aggravated. “You need to maintain your damn control. Don’t let those emotions get the best of you!”

Syaoran tried once again; trying to follow his teacher’s advice. However a few seconds in and the boy found himself, fumbling with his sword. He tried to get a better grip and start over but he was proving more and more futile by the second.

Finally, Kurogane have had enough. “Kid, stop.” As the kid stood up straight, the ninja put a hand over his forehead and sighed. “That’s it. You,” He pointed at his pupil. “Need to take a break.”

“But I’m fine.” Syaoran calmly protested as he shook his head. “I just need to work harder, that’s all. I won’t fail again, I promise.” He lifted his sword with a set face. But then the sword was gently pushed down by the tan larger hand of his teacher. He looked up at the warrior with confused eyes.

“That’s just it, kid.” Kurogane softly said. “That problem is not that you’re not determined enough for this kind of training. The problem is that you’re way too determined while training.” He sighed as he saw that the words weren’t exactly getting through to the boy. “What I mean is that you’re pushing yourself past your limits. You keep going even when you’re this close to passing out.”

Syaoran nodded, silently telling his teacher to continue.

“And when that happens kid,” Kurogane crossed his arms. “You’re not getting any better. In fact, you’re getting crappier.  I’m sure you know that a tired warrior is not a very good warrior, right? It’s stupid and moreover pointless. You won’t learn anything if you keep doing what you’re doing this to yourself.” He said pointing at the kid. “Got it?”

The boy nodded. “I know, teacher.” He dropped his eyes. “I’m sorry.” He then looked up at Kurogane with pleading eyes. “I just want to learn how to use a sword, so I can fight better, to be stronger then I was before….” He then gripped the handle of the sword more tightly. “That way, I can protect the princess without much difficulty. Yes. For Sakura’s sake, I need to learn all that I can.”

“Well, you’re not going to protect the princess if you passed out.” Kurogane argued. “You’re not much good to her if you’re so exhausted that you can’t even pick up a freaking spoon let alone your sword. Then what?”

The kid sighed as he knew what Kurogane was saying was true. While he wanted to become stronger, it’s no good if he didn’t have any energy when he’s really needed. He can’t afford to mess up, not when he knew that there are dangerous missions ahead and that there will be others who would do harm to the princess. But he didn’t want to worry the princess, she has enough issues what with her mind still incomplete with missing memories; her feathers. ‘Oh princess….’

Syaoran then felt a hand touching his shoulder. He looked up to Kurogane slightly frowning down at him. But those red eyes, the kid could see something in those strong eyes. It was kindness, calmness and…being sorry? It was almost like his teacher wanted to apologize for what he had said before.


“Come on kid.” Kurogane said, steering the kid out of the park. “Let’s go back to the café. I’ll walk you there.” The two started walking out of the area and into the streets where the café wasn’t far from their sights.

While walking, Syaoran had a thought. He looked up at his teacher. “Um Kurogane…don’t you need a break too?” He asked. “I bet you’re almost as tired as I am.”

“Nah.” Kurogane waved his hand a bit. “Besides, there’s a certain idiot I have to pick up after this. God knows he’s prancing around somewhere around this town; making a fool of himself.”

As they reached the front of the café, the ninja turned the boy so he would face him. “About earlier kid, what I said before. You should never let your emotions get the best of you.”  He then crossed his arms. You’re working with a sword now. This isn’t some kiddy game. You’re on a different level now.”

“Yes sir.” Syaoran nodded.

Anger will cloud your judgment,” Kurogane continued. “Grief will slow you down, and happiness will make you overconfident (not to mention a bit arrogant). You’ll make tons of mistakes if you do that.  Like I said before, you’re being too determined thus letting your emotions overwhelm you. If you want to master the sword, you must cast out any emotion so you can fight without any burden holding you down.”

The ninja then dropped his arms at his side. “With a sense of purpose to guide you and only that, can you achieve your goals and defeat those enemies. Enemies that others say that are undefeatable.”

“I see.” Syaoran then smiled. “I understand, teacher. I’ll do my best to follow that advice well.”

“Good.” As the pair reached the front door of the café, Kurogane gently pushed the boy forward. “Go on, the princess and that furball’s waiting.”

Syaoran nodded. He then opened the front door and went inside.

The ninja watched as the boy ventured inside, crossing his arms as he did so. It wasn’t long before he heard the princess’s sweet gentle voice greeting his student and the furball’s shrilly but cutesy voice following suit. No doubt hugging Syaoran’s face as its own greeting.

With a sigh, Kurogane turned around and headed back to the park; in search of a certain person.



The ninja groaned. He knew it didn’t take long for the mage to ‘suddenly’ reappear like that. Then again, when wasn’t he popping out of nowhere like some ‘jack-in-a-box’? He then looked up and saw Fai walking towards him with a bit of a joyful tune to his step.

Normally, the mage would full out skip toward the ninja like a rabbit. Unfortunately, since the ambush outside of Clover bar, Fai had an injured ankle; preventing the man from doing things he’d normally do. It also sparked a nerve in the ninja as he confronted the mage on what kind of person he is and what kind of people he hated.

“Then I guess I’m someone you would hate most of all, huh~?”

Damn him. Damn him and that smile of his.

“Hey Kuro-tan.” Fai greeted the man once he was up close. “Funny how we just ended up meeting like this. In a park, alone, just the two of us.” His smile widened as Kurogane frowned. “I’d be careful with that look, Kuro-frowny. If you keep that up, it’ll get stuck. Then you won’t get a girlfriend, get married and have lots of little Kuro-puppies around. That would such a shame.” He teased.

Fighting down a blush, Kurogane’s frown turned into a scowl. “Where the hell have you been, mage?”

“Me~?” Fai pointed to himself. “Well, I just figured that today was a beautiful day to go out and take a walk. The flowers were blooming, the weather was cool---”

“And you left the princess doing all of the work back at the café.” Kurogane concluded; his expression not changing a bit. “She needs help over there you know. Not all of us wasted a day doing nothing. Lazy wizard.” He muttered the last part.

“I suppose that’s true.” Fai casually said with a chuckle. “Speaking of…how was your lesson with our dear Syaoran?” He smirked. “Going well, I hope.”

The ninja’s eyes widened a bit. Then they narrowed. “You were eavesdropping?” He questioned. He confirmed his suspicions as he saw the look the mage was giving him; smile and all. “If that’s the case, then you should know how the lesson went.”

“You caught me.” Fai shrugged with a grin. “I have to say though, that speech you gave to your student was very inspiring.” He clasped his hands. “Profound, even.”

“I just told the kid what he had to learn from the lesson.” Kurogane grunted. “It wasn’t anything special. Just necessary. The kid needed to take hold of the emotions he had and cast them out while holding a sword. Most of the time, warriors who are too emotional while in battle lose themselves before it’s done and they die as a result.”

Something crossed the man’s eyes as those words escaped his lips. Before Fai can tell what it was, the man was back to his usual self.

“Emotions can hinder us, makes us valuable, and even makes us weak. And there are people who will take advantage of that. The kid can’t afford to mess up. If he wants to get better, he has to learn to control his feelings and grab hold of his emotions. I did.”

It was silent between the two for a moment as several cherry blossom petals started to dance in the wind.

Then Fai started clapping. “Again, you never cease to amaze me.” He smirked. “I guess the saying ‘Takes one to know one’ really applies well here.”

Kurogane scoffed. “Whatever.”

“Although….” Fai dropped his hands at his sides as he was closing the remaining distance between him and the ninja. “There’s a tiny matter that I think you’re not looking enough into, my dear puppy. Something very important.”

“Yeah,” Kurogane raised his eyebrow. “And what is it?” He expected some sort of idiotic remark coming from the mage as Fai would usually do.  But something was different, something felt odd.


A tap of a shoe.

A smile caught by those red eyes.

A touch of a pale hand upon a tanned face.


A pair of lips touching another in a caress of pure softness.

To say that Kurogane, the strongest warrior of Nihon was surprised would be a huge understatement. In his lifetime so far, none of his training had ever prepared him for this. It was sudden, it was quick. But at the same time…

…it felt….nice.

Before the man could even react to the kiss, Fai leaned back; pulling his lips away as he did so.

“You say that a warrior must control his feelings.” Fai started. “That he should cast aside all emotions as they would hinder a man while he is wielding a sword. Lest he falls from his path and lose his life in the process.” He crossed his arms. “While that may be true….” There was a glint in Fai’s eyes. “I just…don’t believe that.”

Still feeling the after-wave of the mage’s sudden kiss, Kurogane gap at the blonde. “…What?”

Fai giggled as he placed a hand on the ninja’s chest; over where the heart was. “I believe that everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, some vary more than others. Maybe with the right training and hard work, they can become stronger and become closer to their goal. But to cast aside all emotions while fighting, I think…it sometimes do more harm then good.”

Blinking, Kurogane placed a hand over the mage’s. “What you mean by that?”

Sighing, Fai’s sapphire eyes looked straight into the ninja’s bright crimson eyes. “Kuro-sama, what is that inside of you, beating at this very moment?”

“A heart.”

“Yes, and what’s more important than even the heart?”

“….um….” Kurogane narrowed his eyes. “A soul?”

“Correct again.” Fai grinned. “Apart from the body, there is the mind, the heart, and the soul; the core of every being no matter how great or small the person is.” He then sadly smiled. “You are right before, Kuro-sama. Emotions can hinder us, makes us valuable and even weak. But that’s not all it does.”

Kurogane then saw the softest smile he had ever seen on the mage.

“No one can live through life without experiencing at least one emotion. You’ve been taught how to control emotions but you never knew how really to deal with it.”

“Sounds a lot like the kid to me.” Kurogane pointed out.

“You didn’t let me finish.” Fai said in a sing-song voice. “What I saying is that you always view emotions as something unnecessary and it does nothing but harm you. But that’s not true. Sometimes our emotions can be used to our advantage. Sometimes the weaknesses that we have can also be our greatest strength.”

“Really?” Kurogane raised an eyebrow, not really believing it at all. “Does that really work?” ‘Sounds very ridiculous to me.’

“You tell me.” Fai grinned. “After all, you seem to look right through me.”

“What the hell do you mean by that—” He stopped. The warrior’s mind slowly caught up with what just happened. The hand, those words and that kiss. Of course. His face, in short, was priceless. “You conniving bastard.” He growled out.

Fai laughed as he pulled away from the ninja just skipping a few steps away. “Kuro-puu’s very smart but he still has a lot to learn.” He grinned toothily. “Once a puppy, always a puppy.”

“I’m not a freaking puppy, you weirdo!” Gritting his teeth, Kurogane blushed. “Fine. You’ve proved your damn point.” He rolled his eyes. “Maybe you’re right…or something. Maybe some emotions can be used to someone’s advantages; a weapon even.” Suddenly he was pushed to the ground by a force that happened so suddenly. He looked up to see Fai’s face very close to his. He blinked.

“What the hell mage…?”

Fai giggled as his nose touched the ninja’s. “I still have a question, Kuro-rin. If any emotion can be used to a person’s advantage, what about love?” There was a glint in those sapphire eyes that were very different, very….unreadable. “Isn’t love….the greatest weapon of them all?”

Kurogane couldn’t say anything; he couldn’t even find any words to describe it. He opened his mouth only to close it as Fai smiled knowingly. He then grumbled. “You just like messing with me, don’t you?”

“Well there’s that.” Fai said after some thought. “However, I think a warrior like you might appreciate what I have and how I use it.” He then lowered his voice. “May I show you?” He didn’t give the man time to respond as his lips descended onto the ninja’s for the second time that day.

As the mage pulled apart, he was met by a very slight smile below.

“You may be right, but you’re still a moron. You know that, don’t you?” Kurogane said.

Fai shrugged with a smile that the ninja rarely saw. “I try.”

The rest of the day was a blur to them as they stayed at the park, with only cherry blossoms petal falling all over.




 A few lines were from my tsubasa manga (Vol. 6 and 7). I own up to 12 now.

I really hope darkfireburning doesn't hate this fic. ^__^;;;

You'll find her work (including weapon) here: http://darkfireburning.livejournal.com/11571.html

Thanks for reading~! ^__^


Yay for Kurogane and Syaoran/father-and-son/mentor-and-student tidbits!

But ahem, interesting look into their characterizations at that moment, I have to say - about locking away emotions. I often don't change dynamics in earlier worlds (making it canon AU), but this was cute. <3
Reading the fic, I didn't know whether to believe Fai fully. Hindsight tells me he is being a little bit deceptive. However, he is also very emotionally driven for his brother, so he may be honest with his advice to Kuro.

It's during that time in the series where Kurogane is caring and protecting the others, but not really open about it yet, and you show that side of him well. He's hard on Syaoran because he doesn't want him to get hurt in battle. ;)