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October 2011

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Our Lives, Our love: Kitty

Another drabble/ short oneshot of the lovable duo. ^__^

This one felt a bit lacking so you'll have to forgive me on this one.

Rated T for language.



"For the last time, no."

"But Kurgs~!"

It was supposed to be a normal walk around the town. The mage and the ninja were going shopping for some food for dinner. But it was getting late so Fai said that there was a shortcut across the neighborhood.

And that when he saw it.

There was a big box lying on the street. It had the words 'Please adopt me' on the front. And inside of the box was none other than a kitty. But not just any kitty but a very tiny one. It had light fur, a grayish color with dark spots on it and its paws were dark colored as well.

It was cute.

It was adorable.

And the mage wanted it. Badly.

"It's not fair, Kurgy!" Fai said as he cradled the small kitty. "This poor thing is out here in the cold and the rain. Could we just give him take him home?"

"We can't." Kurogane shook his head. "We just got here and we don't know how long we'll stay."

"Isn't it more of a reason to take him with us now?" Fai pouted.

"And what?" Kurogane growled. "It's enough of a pain to have that damn white pork bun with us, you want to make things difficult bringing a cat into this? Can you be that much of a…" He felt silent as the feel of soft fur was brushing his cheek. He turned and had a pair of big eyes staring back at him.

The kitty meowed and smiled.

Sighing, Kurogane lifted a finger and slightly touched the kitty's cheek as gently as he could.

Pulling back the kitty, Fai smiled up at the ninja. "See Kurgs, this little one likes you and needs us. How can you say no to this?"

Looking back and forth at Fai and the kitty, Kurogane felt his resolve getting weaker and weaker. Upon seeing the two pouting, he grumbled. "Fine. We'll take him in, but!" He glared at the mage. "As soon as we go to another world, that thing's going to another home where some other poor sap will have to take care of it. Is that understood?"

Fai nodded excitedly. "Of course~!" He then glanced at the kitty. "Did you hear that? You get to stay with us! Isn't that great~?" He giggled as the kitty started cuddling his face. "Don't you worry Kurgs, I'll handle the responsibility!"

"Fine, whatever. Can we go now?" Kurogane said with a sigh.

Nodding, Fai held the kitty tightly and started walking down the street, whistling tunes and adding a bit of a skip to his step.

Watching the mage go, Kurogane couldn't help but smile a bit. It wasn't uncommon to see the mage smile but it was almost rare to see him very happy about something as simple as a kitty. As much as he hated to admit it, it was rather nice to see that. If it made the mage happy then he was too.

Well at least….for now anyway.


Meh. XD

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