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October 2011

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Our Lives, Our love: Knit

It's a random drabble/ short oneshot series that I'm doing whenever I'm in a rot from my other stories. Basically, you give me a word and I'll write a story more or less based on the word.

If you all want to give me a word as well, that would be okay too. ^__^

Rated T for Language

Most stories will be canon-ish (In the sense that Kuro's still the grumpy ninja and Fai being the happy-on-crack mage).

The first word is dedicated to Uakari(120) who helped me on what word to start with. ^_^


"Okay mage, this has got to stop."

"What do you mean by that~?"

"You damn well know what I mean."

"I can assure you, I have no idea what you mean. I'm just getting a hobby like you told me to get."

"Yeah, a hobby not an obsession. It's creepy, stupid and-would you put those sticks down for one second and listen to me!"

Fai chuckled. "Goodness me, if I didn't know any better, I'd say that Kuro-puu's jealous that something else is taking up my time instead."

Kurogane fumed with a blush. "That's not the issue and you know it." His eyebrow twitched as Fai continued was he was doing before. "Mage!"

"Yes, yes." Fai smiled. "You know, the kids never complained about what I'm doing."

"That's because they're too nice to say anything."

"Oh yes, being nice. That's it." Fai pointed at Kurogane with a wide smile. "You should try it sometime, Kurgs~!"


"I'm kidding, I'm kidding." Fai chuckled. He then put those sticks down. "Well….what do you think?"

Kurogane surveyed the object. "Congratulations, that's the sixth sweater you've made…along with twelve scarves, ten pairs of mittens and three quilts."

"You say like it's a bad thing." Fai pouted. "Maybe I'm preparing for the harsh winter ahead, you can never be too careful."

Rolling his eyes, Kurogane scoffed. "In the middle of freaking summer? Screw that."

Laughing, Fai stood up. "Come on Kurgs, what about that quilt that we were snuggling in last night? You certainly had no problem with that. You comforting me, hugging me, coming closer into the warmth of the fabric while you press your mouth on my-"

"Okay!" Kurogane shouted. "I get it." He then rubbed his head. "Maybe it's a good thing that you're doing something for once. It's better than seeing you being lazy all the time…and that sweater you made yesterday…was okay…" He muttered the last part.

"Oh~?" Fai inched closer to the ninja. "What are you saying?"

"I…. I like the damn sweater, okay?" Kurogane shouted out. "There! Are you happy now—mmmppphhf!" He froze up with the mage's lips over his. As soon as it came, it went as he stared into Fai's sapphire eyes.

"Maybe I should make a lovely scarf to go with that sweater." Fai said with a soft smile. "That way my big dog can stay warm when I'm not around. How's that sound?"

"…Do what you want." Kurogane muttered as he got a peck on the cheek.

"Yay~! Another sweater for my Kurgy~!" Fai clapped. "Oh! Now what I need is more yarn and other fabrics~! I'll go to the store right now and later, more knitting~! Bye~!" Giving another peck on the cheek to the ninja, Fai grabbed his bag and ran out of the door, slamming the door close.

Once the mage was gone, Kurogane glanced over at the materials and the freshly made sweater. He sighed.

"At least it's better than his last hobby; fire dancing. Good god, I can feel those burns again."


Thanks Ua-chan~! =D

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