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October 2011

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Worlds Apart: Prologue

I wanted to do  TRC/Horitsuba crossover at some point since I got hooked into Horitsuba a while ago (In case those who don't know, it's a school setting that has TRC and XXXHolic characters as teachers and students; even a couple more characters included.) So I thought to myself; what if the postseries! Travelers came into that world. What would happen?

So this was made/born. I hope you enjoy it.


Warning: a bit of drama

Pairings to come: KuroFai and implications of other pairings.

Disclaimer: Don't own them; never will


Prologue: Lonely no more

Yuui was walking down the mildly warm night with groceries in tow. He glanced around the town as he saw most of the stores closing for the day.

It was the last day of school before the spring break at the Horitsuba Academy. The break was about two weeks long and everyone had plans.

Sakura and her older brother Touya were going to visit their grandmother on their father's side. Though what was slightly confusing was that their family friend, Yukito was tagging along with them. Probably because the poor boy had no other plans.

The Li' brothers; Syaoran and Syaoron were on their way to Hong Kong to spend time with their mother and other relatives.

Watanuki will be working at his part-time job since he had no family to visit.

Himawari wasn't at the academy on the last day of school since she already left to travel the world with her dad who was a business man.

Doumeki will most likely be stuck at his family's temple to complete some errands.

Yuuko left in a hurry with her suitcases in tow; screaming about Las Vegas and alcohol.

Frankly, Yuui didn't want to know.

The Mokonas left to go to the beach with their father who nobody has never seen or heard of before. However considering that the academy was already crazy to begin with; it wasn't surprising.

Lastly were Kurogane and Fai.

Yuui was told about what plans they had in the morning. He was happy that the two will have time to just spend it together. But it also sparked a ping of sadness in him.

"A vacation in Italy, huh?"

"Yep~!" Fai cheered out as Yuui was getting a cup of coffee. "It was actually a big surprise since Kurgy was the one who suggested it~!" He bit down a doughnut that he got from the table.

Yuui laughed. "He probably heard me talk about the place since I did work there for some time."

Sitting at the main table, Fai and Yuui both had a cup of coffee and a sweet treat to nibble on.

"So when are you leaving?" Yuui asked casually.

"Well there's a problem." Fai said with a light frown. "As much I wanted to go with Kurgs and spend time together I was kinda worried about something."

"Really, about what?" Yuui took a sip of the coffee.

"About you."

Yuui paused mid-sip. He sighed as he put his cup down. "Fai, for the final time; I don't want to go anywhere this spring break. I just want to relax. I'm not bothered with you going away; really."

Fai looked a bit unsure but put on a smile nonetheless. "Okay…if you're that sure. I just don't want to go knowing that my little brother might be sad all by himself."

Feeling a bit guilty, Yuui smiled back. "I won't be. We not kids anymore, brother. I can handle being on my own; trust me. I'll be okay."

If only he believe those words himself.

"I'm such a liar." Yuui mourned. "I knew that brother had plans but I didn't think that it would be halfway across the world." He had already said his goodbyes to Fai and Kurogane at the front of the school just mere hours ago. The brothers hug while he and Kurogane shook hands.

He saw them off as the two got into Kurogane's car and drove off. He waved happily as Fai leaned out the window to say goodbye one last time. As soon as the car was out of his sight, Yuui let his hand down hesitantly; already feeling a bit down.

He went home and cried a bit before remembering that he had to buy some food for the week; his mood not even lifted up a bit by that time.

"I am a bit sad but it would be selfish of me to not let brother go on that vacation." Yuui contemplated. "All I wanted was to see brother happy and the last we both needed was more drama to our already complicated life." Without thinking turned a corner into a more desolate part of town. He then looked up and groaned. "Great, now I'm lost." He then looked up at the sky. "Can this day get any worse?"

Suddenly, without warning he saw a bit of the sky changing; like something was dropping out of it. Then it bursts as three figures were dropped ungracefully to the ground in an alleyway near the cooking teacher.

Yuui was shocked. "Holy—" Without a second thought, he ran to where the figures landed. He turned to another corner into the alleyway where they were. "Hey, are you guys alright? Anyone hurt?" He then gasped at what he saw before him.

In front of him were people that looked oddly familiar. One was a tall, dark haired man who had a frown on his face as he slowly stood up. "Damn it, why do we always end up falling to the ground like that?"

Another was a young boy with short brown hair that stood up a bit more quickly as the first one. "Not really sure. But it is the first time we've actually fallen from so high up."

Then a white ball of fur came out of nowhere. "Haha~! Yeah~! For a second there, I thought I was flying~!" It made whooshing sounds before the tall one grabbed it.

Then the third one who was behind the rest of them; laughed lightly at the scene. "Now now, big dog; don't hurt the one who is our only way out of here~! You don't want to stuck here forever, now do you~?" He had blonde hair so long that it was in a ponytail.

Yuui's eyes widened. 'That voice…it can't be….'

The tall one grumbled. "Fine, but if it does something perverted, the two of you will feel the edge of my blade." He touched the sword he had at the side to prove his point.

The young boy looked up and paled; finally noticing that they weren't alone. "Um guys…we have a problem…"

That tone the boy had in his voice made the rest looked up at where he was looking.

The blonde gasped as he and Yuui were staring at each others' sapphire eyes.

Time seemed to have stood still as no one would say a word.

But then, Yuui finally found the courage to open his mouth. "Wha…Wha...What is going on here?" He was beyond shock; he was seeing people that look like people he knew but at the same time they weren't. What just happened to him that night will change him forever.

However, for a single moment, Yuui didn't feel as lonely.


oh boy; trouble. I hope Yuui can handle it.




Hehe, I always thought about introducing the TRC versions in the Horitsuba world. I'm not sure if you ever listened to the drama CD, but there was an episode where the students are having a radio broadcast and they read excerpts from the TRC and xxxHolic mangas. So yeah...think about Horitsuba folks meeting fictional characters (mind gets confused from this).

I would love to see more of this. :)

Re: Eeeee

I have seen that Drama CD. It's my 3rd favorite out of the four. ^__^

Yeah, 'fictional' characters. I wonder if the character designs are eerily familiar too? XD

And thanks! The story's about halfway written but I'll to post it as much as possible. ^__^