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October 2011

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Our Lives, Our love: Jealous

Another short oneshot/drabble bit for this rather random series. Enjoy~!

I'm.....not really proud of this one. I guess the meaning of the word got lost in the process so I hope you viewers can forgive me for this one. ^__^

Rated T for language....just saying. ^__^



Kurogane doesn't like to think of himself of possessive.

He would rather think of himself as rather, protective.

He was a man who will do anything to protect the ones he cares deeply about.

And he would be damned if anyone would take them away.

So when it came to Fai, the blonde mage, the line between possessive and protective would blur a bit.

Whenever people look at Fai in a way that they shouldn't.

("Kuro-rin, you're scaring people with that face of yours~!)

Whenever others get too close to him.

("Kurgs, the man was just asking for directions.)

Or whenever someone would try to make a move on him.

("That kind bartender was just about to buy us some drinks. Learn to loosen up, Kuro-puu.")

Of course he'd be lying if he didn't admit that he did have some flaws. Flaws that the mage would never fail to tell him on a regular basis. But he'd ignore it and continued his way of protecting his other from the dangers of worlds and its people.

So when push came to shove, the mage finally had enough.

("Come on, Kuro-sama. There's no one that would sway me away from you. Why would anyone else make me feel the way you do? You've been there for me through great and small. There's no one in any world that I love more then you. Because, you helped me be the person I am now. And why would I let anyone come between us and ruin that? I know you wouldn't. So please…just trust me and trust others, if only a little bit. Please?)

Hearing that, Kurogane figured that it wouldn't hurt to lift up some of that protectiveness for a while and trust in the mage to do whatever. It was hard…but he was trying and Fai couldn't ask more from him.

Of course, when the mage isn't looking it's a whole other story.

Swords are great persuaders, aren't they?



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